v3.1.1 hotfix実施のお知らせ – v3.1.1 hotfix now available

関連記事 – Related article

緊急メンテナンス実施のお知らせ – Currently under emergency Maintenance


配信日 – Hotfix date

  • [JST] 2019/07/31(水/Wed) 16:30



* You can apply this hotfix by restarting your game app.

* Server maintenance has been finished.


配信内容 – Hotfix detail

  • シーズンイベント『なきごえ』に関する全ての累計報酬の配布を一時的に停止しました。(通常・シーズンパス用いずれも)
  • I have temporarily suspended all total season point rewards for the season event “Crying voice”. (For both regular and season passes)

発生した問題 – Occured problem



There is the bug that “Receive all rewards” will cause an error when players will achive total reward mission by received event point.

This error will crash app in some devices, but other devices will earn rewards repeatedly.

対応予定 – Solution plan

  • v3.1.3リリースまでの間、一時的に累計報酬を全て停止します。
  • v3.1.3で、ギフト受取機能の修正を行います。
  • v3.1.3リリース後、累計報酬の配布を再開します。
  • また、不具合へのお詫びとして、全ユーザ向けにイベントポイントの配布を行う予定です。
  • All total event point rewards will be temporarily suspended until the v3.1.3 release.
  • In v3.1.3, I will fix the all gift receiving function.
  • All total event point rewards will be resumed after v3.1.3 release.
  • In addition, we plan to distribute event points for all users as apology for the problem.

Buriedbornes と Nussygame を、これからもよろしくお願い致します。

Thank you for your patience.