What is Buriedbornes?

Heated battles

Skill-selective turn-based battles.

The combination of which skills are chosen for up to five slots determines the winner.

Simple dungeon exploration

In the dungeon, you choose where to move as you progress.

Not only enemies, but also the corpses of predecessors and various events await you.

Acquire powerful equipment and skills, and challenge the “Ancient Overlord” who awaits you in the deeper levels.

Expanding adventures and connections with other players

Use your Soulstones to unlock new Jobs and collect Amulets and Contracts in dungeons.

With each challenge, the scope of your adventure will expand.

Adventurers who die will be left behind in the dungeon.

Sometimes they leave you their belongings, and sometimes they turn into a roaming corpse and attack you.

If you leave a message on a corpse, your message will be delivered to other players who are adventuring somewhere else. You may also receive a message from someone else.


The author of Buriedbornes is ohNussy and all copyrights belong to Nussygame.

Distribution of Buriedbornes other than Google Play, AppStore, and mogera.jp is not allowed.