World map

This is a world map with the names of the main regions of Versiegelt written in.


In the Descent 313, subhumans such as Kobolds, Goblins, and Lizardmen were driven into the “Northern uninhabitable zone” north of Schneeburg.

In order to keep the subhumans in the north, humans built Fort Schneeburg, which has been defended for approximately 1,700 years since then.

For this reason, Schneeburg is called “the Keystone of North,” and “Northern Warriors” who have magically enhanced their physical abilities continue to defend the border line.

Blastfort Citadel

A strategic point where the three great powers of Trae, Launi and Solde fought for supremacy.

It was erected in the Descent 1346.

In order to attack the other 2 countries through the Blastfort Mountains, the Blastfort Citadel had to be in their possession due to logistics.

Since the Predestined day, each union has been fighting over the resources that can be secured in this area.


The country is world famous for its castle on the lake.

It consists of 2 districts: a noble town with a palace and a mining town on the opposite shore of the lake.

After sunset, the lights of the mining town illuminate the surface of the lake, twinkling like a starry sky, and can be seen from the terrace of the castle on the lake.

Noble guests from all over the world visited to catch a glimpse of its beauty.

On the Predestined day, it was destroyed by the army of the dead.

Mlima Nyota

The present Mlima Nyota was formed by craters created by the impact of stars that fell long ago.

Away from the west kingdoms, a unique culture has developed on this continent.

The people of Mlima Nyota, who live side by side with the spirits, have mastered various kinds of magic when they are born.

If you dig through the steep mountains, you will find ores and gems that are believed to have once fallen on this land.

Eastern kingdoms

The Western people called this entire small island east of Mlima Nyota “the Eastern kingdoms”.

In fact, the island has been in the midst of a struggle for supremacy since the Predestined day, a war between the living and the dead.

The situation is even harsher than in the West, although the number of survivors is greater.

In addition, Versiegelt is home to many other nations, regions, towns, and villages of various sizes, and you may catch a glimpse of their inhabitants during the course of your adventure.

However, these informations may be of no practical use to you as you spend your days fighting the army of the dead.