Please join Translation Volunteer Project for games of Nussygame!

Nussygame is always looking for “Translation volunteers”.

If you want to make my game more awesome, please join my Translation Volunteer Project!

Currently Weblate server has the problem.

Please use Alternate Google Spreadsheet instead.

“How can I join?”

Please visit here.

And contact from here to register Weblate account. (Currently weblate server can not send e-mail, so I need to register manually)

Please attach following informations:

  • Your Full name
  • Your ID what you want to use in Weblate
  • E-mail address

“What can I do in this project?”

You can do…

  • Change translation texts.
  • Send your suggetion.
  • Vote on sugessions.
  • Add Glossary.

“How can I post my suggession of translation?”

  • Choose “Component”. (Component is “Files in the Game”. One Component will contain multiple language files.)
  • Press “Translate”.
  • Please edit where you want to change.

“When my suggession will be added to real game?”

I added texts volunteers wrote to real game periodically.

With major update, minor update or hotfix.

Anyway it’s not immediately.

Please wait a while.