v1.0.4 リリース予定のお知らせ – v1.0.4 release schedule announcement



Thank you for playing B100X.

Currently, v1.0.3 is in progress, but we would like to inform you about the release schedule of v1.0.4.


リリース予定 – Scheduled date


リリース内容 – Included change

  • アプリ起動時に、Google Play GamesあるいはGameCenterにログインしていない場合、購入情報がサーバから取得できない不具合の修正
    • もし現在この問題が発生している場合は、

      Google Play GamesあるいはGameCenterにログインした状態でゲーム起動をお試しください。

  • ゲームサーバを介した「データ同期」機能
    • 現在の「データ同期」は、使用中端末からアクセスできるクラウドを参照しています。(PC版ならSteam Cloudなど)
    • これに対し、例えばPCとスマートフォンなど、端末をまたいで同一データで遊ぶ上で、簡単にセーブデータを他方の端末に移動できる機能をご用意いたします。
    • 現在の「データ同期」の代わりに、「データ同期 – クラウド」「データ同期 – ゲームサーバ」の2つのメニューが用意されます。
  • 一部言語環境において、正常にゲームが進行できない箇所を修正
  • ゲームサーバに購入が正常に反映されないケースを防ぐため、購入直前にゲームサーバへの接続に問題がないか確認するステップを追加
  • Steamで実績が取得できない不具合の修正
  • Fixed a bug where purchase information could not be obtained from the server if you were not logged in to Google Play Games or Game Center when launching the app.
    • If you are currently experiencing this issue, try launching the game while logged in to Google Play Games or Game Center.
  • Add “Data Sync via game server ”
    • The current “data Sync” refers to the cloud that can be accessed from the device in use. (Steam Cloud etc. for PC version)
    • On the other hand, for example, when playing with the same UserID across devices such as PCs and smartphones, we will provide a function that allows you to easily move the save data to the other device.
    • Instead of the current “Data Sync”, there are two menus, “Data Sync – Cloud” and “Data Sync – Game Server”.
  • Fixed a bug where the game could not proceed normally in some language environments
  • Added a step to check if there is a problem connecting to the game server before purchase to prevent cases where the purchase is not applied normally on the game server.
  • Fixed a bug where achievements could not be obtained on Steam.



We have received some minor bug reports, but we prioritize fixes for high-priority issues that directly affect core gameplay, and when they are complete, we will proceed with minor bug fixes.

Please understand.


We apologize for any inconvenience, but we will continue to make efforts to create an environment where you can enjoy gameplay more comfortably. Thank you for your cooperation with Nussygame and B100X.