v3.6.0 hotfix実施のお知らせ – v3.6.0 hotfix now available

配信日 – Hotfix date

  • [JST] 2021/05/12(水/Wed) 14:40



* You can apply this hotfix by restarting your game app.

* If the problem persists, please press “Clear Cache” in title menu, restart the game and retry again.


配信内容 – Hotfix detail

  • 「えもの」ダンジョンで、特定のフロアで進行不能になる不具合の修正。
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to progress on certain floors in the “Emoto” dungeon.

既知の問題の対応予定 – Known problems

  • 「えもの」ダンジョンで、フロアボスが同じモンスターばかりになる不具合。
    • v3.6.1にて近日中に修正を予定しております。
  • A bug in the “Hunt” dungeon where the floor bosses are all the same monsters.
    • I am planning to fix this in v3.6.1 soon.


If you find any problems while playing v3.6.0, please contact us from here.


Thank you for your patience.