[Patch note] v1.5.0


2022.06.29Scheduled to release.
2022.06.23Revealed this patch note.

Update Contents

New Feature

  • New dungeon mode “Expedition” has been added.
    • Consumes 5 hearts.
    • The number of challenges will be +5.
    • You will not get junk/experience, instead you will get more items than usual.
  • New dungeon “Fractal Layer” is added.
    • You can play against yourself or certain other players by issuing a match-up code.
    • The dungeon will be unlocked at the same time when the PvP dungeon is unlocked.
  • New season “Far East” will be held. (7/6-)
  • Seasonal crafting will be introduced.
    • Some rare items can be fixedly obtained by paying copper, silver and gold coins obtained by completing additional missions for a limited time.
  • A “command” function has been added.
    • It can be set from the skill screen by obtaining “Operation Instructions” which can be obtained by completing specific main missions.
    • Conditions for the use of skills used by Holly can be set in detail.
      • e.g.) When her HP is over the maximum value, she will not use recovery type skills. etc.
  • 2 new types of proofs of seeking have been added.
  • Some limited time items offered in the past can now be exchanged for “crystal scraps”.
  • A mini-mission will be held to commemorate the 400,000th registered user.
  • New Costume (Holly skin) designs have been added.
  • Illustrations of 5 new apostles have been applied to past seasonal scenarios/sub-scenarios.


  • When deactivating an apostle monster, it is now returned to the item instead of being lost as is.
  • The first time you try a dungeon can now be skipped with a touch of the screen.
  • The battle direction has been changed so that defeated enemies are blown away.
  • The abnormality icon is now displayed when the player has a type of ability that constantly inflicts an abnormality.
  • The rune word name when activating a rune word has been eliminated and the word “(Awakening)” is now uniformly given.
  • The order of the item catalog has been rearranged by category.


  • When there is no platform integration (Google Play Games, GameCenter, Steam), ranking scores are no longer registered.
    • This change was made to prevent some users from repeatedly cheating. We appreciate your understanding.
  • The skills used by a monster and the unique abilities possessed by the monster can now be viewed in the Monster Book.
  • The effect of the “Black Needle” has been changed as follows.
    • →Black Needle: The amount of “lethal” effects given increases according to the number of abnormalities inflicted (+100% for each one).
  • The effect of “Far hit” has been changed as follows.
    • →Far hit: Both you and the enemy are immune to counterattack damage (e.g., damage when hit, revenge, etc.)
  • The effect of “Ice Wall” has been changed as follows.
    • →Wall of Ice: Every time you take damage to your HP, you gain a shield (8%) corresponding to your maximum shield.
  • Mixed items can now also be stored in the warehouse.
    • Please note that if you receive such items in other play data, the play data will not be able to be registered for ranking.
  • The dungeon for the battle is no longer displayed in the old version of the play data.
  • Critical damage from the “Ecliptic blessing: Scorpion” is now also applied to damage inflicted by “Non-chanting summon”.
  • Monsters in the “Completed” state can now be used.
  • The amount of junk consumed when using synthesis materials that can be used without consuming has been eased.
  • If you are defeated in a battle immediately after activating floor skipping, the clear floor will now be the floor you were on before floor skipping instead of the defeated floor -1.
  • Bug reports can now be sent up to once every 5 minutes.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the save management screen from working properly on devices without Google Play Games installed.
    • Please note that B100X for Android is not provided outside of Google Play. Please do not play B100X for Android obtained from other than Google Play as we cannot guarantee proper operation.
  • Fixed a case in which some games would freeze/crash.
  • Fixed a problem in which the B100X would be unmuted when the “Mute when inactive” setting was selected and the B100X was activated after the mute was performed.
  • Fixed some images.
  • Fixed some text.