Guide for the worldview

At first there was only God and Evil in heaven.

God had all-round power in his body.

The Evil could control the power that filled the heavens and the earth.

God and Evil have denied each other’s roots of power and have fought.

God has embodied that power as sacred artifacts.

Evil created monsters based on everything.

God won.

Evil sunk into the ground.

However, many monsters remained on the ground.

Before the birth of mankind, there was a long age of God.

God was preparing to reshape the world for humans in anticipation of the coming mankind era.

Ancient creatures, which are old remnants, are rampant on the earth, even gods have danger there.

God has created countless apostles to act on his behalf on earth.

Apostles were awarded part of God’s power, and began using it to defeat monsters.

Many apostles were flawed, but they were intended as archetypes of mankind.

Holly the God’s Apostle, like many fellows, had many flaws that God did not.

Driven by a strong “greed”, she ate the fruits that God grows.

In return, she is relegated to “the Eternal Cave”.

She destroys the terrifying monsters and embarks on an endless battle to bring an era of man to the earth.

* This story is a fiction. The names, history, religions, etc. that appear are all fictitious and have nothing to do with real things.