[Patch note] v2.0.2


2023.04.08-12Scheduled to release.
2023.04.06Revealed this patch note.



  • Added “Exclude: Base = auto-send warehouse” item to search condition node.
  • Added functionality to display a shortcut to open the list view UI when there are 5 or more valid appointment notifications.
    • This is because there was a problem that the sixth and later appointment notifications could not be touched.
  • Changed so that play data that is cleared and no longer available for adventure is no longer subject to rollback check when downloading saved data.
  • Changed the display icon for the “Disabled” status.
    • Disabled” is treated as a special condition and is not subject to abilities triggered by the condition. For this reason, the icon has been changed to differentiate it from the normal state abnormality.


  • Fixed so that the runes attached to the target item are not removed when the following material items are used.
    • Enchant Scroll
    • Chaosstone
    • Ghost eater Bug
    • Fruits of heaven


  • Fixed a bug in which searched items were not sorted at the top.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented achievements that require the use of a “Smoker” from being completed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in which captured monsters were not targeted for automatic selection for batch dismantling.
  • Fixed an issue where “Jinx of Star” would be applied/”Rebellion” would be triggered even if the user had “Invisible resistance”.
  • Fixed the problem that the item detail bottom menu can be used while selecting synthesis or during batch synthesis/batch dismantling.
    • This will fix a problem in which the target item during selection was unintentionally shifted.
  • Fixed an issue where an automatic retry stop check would be performed when hearts were 0 internally, even when hearts were infinite.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Fixed some text.
  • Fixed some graphics.