[Patch note] v3.9.10


2022.12.13-18Scheduled to release.
2023.01.12Revealed this patch note.


New features

  • Starting with v3.9.10, we will be making a “Prior Release.”
    • By participating in the “Prior Release” on Android/iOS/Steam PC, you will be able to download the latest version ahead of the original release date.
    • Please check this page (in preparation) for details.
  • Added a “Speed up” checkbox on the setup screen.
    • On by default.
      By turning it off, you can turn off combat acceleration on screen touch.
  • [Steam PC version] Long pressing the Space key will accelerate the adventure speed as well as when touching the screen.


  • A NEWS button will now appear next to the game start button when there is urgent news, such as server maintenance.
  • When uploading server saves, the last save time is now updated as well as the play time.
  • Modification to identify codes when using backup codes, ignoring spaces, linebreaks, etc. before and after the code.
  • Improved detection of invalid build versions.


  • Fixed a bug in which “TTL-USR-002” error message was displayed and the game could not be started when iCloud was enabled in some iOS environments.
  • Fixed a bug in some environments where whispers could not be resent after the “Please wait a moment before sending” message was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug in some environments where the “Please wait a moment before downloading” message would appear on the save data management screen and the game would not be able to be restarted.
  • Fixed a bug in which the mission date was not displayed correctly on Thai language devices.
  • Fixed some texts.