About “Hunt” dungeons

The “ Hunt ” dungeon is a high-level dungeon whose composition changes every week.

You can earn additional rewards by “Hall of Fame” in these dungeons.

You can also “share” dungeons with other members of the same syndicate, and you can keep up to one “Shared Hunt”.


Q. How can I challenge the “Hunt” dungeon?

You can challenge the “Hunt” dungeon if you have already cleared “Labyrinth”.

However, the difficulty level is very high, so I recommend that you prepare well before attempting it.

Q. What kind of rewards can I get from “Hall of fame” in the Hunt dungeon?

You can get various high-level crafting materials.

Q. When will the dungeon structure be changed?

The dungeons will be updated every Wednesday at 5 a.m., just like the Weekly Dungeons.

Q. What kind of dungeon is “Hunt”?

The structure of the dungeon is updated every Wednesday. This configuration will be the one that each player has.

Players in a syndicate can receive up to one “Hunt” that is held by another player. (You can receive them from the list of Syndicate members.)

The received dungeon will be available to challenge as a “Shared Hunt” dungeon.

For example, you can share your favorite dungeons, share dungeons that offer rewards you want, or keep dungeons with the same structure for a long time.