About the “Jail”

What is the “Jail”?

Now you can capture monsters to send them into your “jail” and also combine and use them as playable character!

How can I send monster into the “Jail”?

You have “Detention” and “Jail”.

Monsters you captured will be sent into the “Detention”.

And you can send monsters from “Detention” into “Jail”.

Please Note: You can not send from “Jail” to “Detention” back.

Please Note: Older monsters will be salvaged automatically if you captured new monster and you already have more than 10 monsters in Detention.

About “Combine”

You can combine monsters you captured.

  • Add attack, defense, Injury.
  • Earn all parameters that material monsters had.
  • Earn all skills that material monsters had.
  • Attack: It will bring “Power” for this monster.
  • Defense: It will bring “MaxHP”/“Shield” for this monster.
  • Injury: You can not combine if Injury summary will be than 100.

You can combine monsters multiple times if it has 100- Injury.


You can salvage unnecessary monsters.

Salvaged monsters will be removed, but if it has high parameters you will earn soulstones, fragments of death or specific lab parts.

You can lock monster to prevent them from being salvaged or being used for combine.

Adventure with “Jail” monsters

You can choose your monsters in “Jail” as playable character.

They can not use Contracts/Amulets/Consumables. (But you can use bonus)

Please Note: You will lose used monsters after the adventure.


You can purchase lineup monster by paying fragments of death.

Corpse market lineup will be updated daily, and you can increase amount of Corpse market lineup in item shop.(default 5, up to 50)


You can exchange your monsters what matchs random conditions with “Same base monster, low injury, many abilities” monsters.

Corpse Tradein lineup will be updated weekly, and you can increase amount of Corpse Tradein lineup in item shop.(default 1, up to 10)