Play Guide 4 – How to improve your damage?

Thinking about the offensive side

Next to “how not to die,” it is necessary to think about “how to defeat the enemy quickly”.

As with the defensive aspect, in the deeper levels, enemy HP will increase and unprepared characters will not be able to inflict enough damage.

If it takes too long to defeat the enemy, it will allow the enemy to take that many dangerous actions, increasing the risk of game over.

Also, if you simply defeat enemies faster, your play will be more comfortable and your mission accomplishment will be more efficient.

This chapter explains how to achieve the offensive aspect of the game.

Use high-powered skills.

This is the simplest approach. Employing high-power skills with long cooldowns increases instantaneous firepower.

However, this alone is not enough. (Of course, once used, it takes time until the next use.)

Therefore, we will choose the methods described below.

Increase basic parameters

Parameters such as “STR” and “PIE” may be given more than one to an item of equipment.

By stacking multiple parameter increases in this way, the firepower of a skill is dramatically increased.

Since this can be done simply by rerolling found equipment, it is rather easy and even a beginner can do it.

This can be easily achieved by having “Renkinjutsu,” which increases the number of rerolls.

Reduce cooldowns

Skills and abilities can reduce the cooldowns of skills.

Use abilities that increase skill power.

Increase the hit rate.

No matter how powerful a skill is, if it does not hit the target, it will not do any damage.

Each direct attack skill has its own hit rate, and a skill that is difficult to hit is that much more unstable.

By increasing the hit rate, even these skills will be able to inflict damage in a more stable manner.

Increase Critical Rate and Critical Damage

On a critical hit, the skill’s power is increased by +100%. You can increase the probability of a critical hit with the ability “Critical” and increase the rate of increase in power on a critical hit with the ability “Sniping”.

And what’s more, on a critical hit, the damage cap is ignored and you can deal up to 99999999 damage without the ability “Limit break”.

Using Continuous Damage

Many of the “continuous damage” skills are more powerful than their direct-attack counterparts. By overlapping them, the result is more damage per turn.

If used in combination with ailments such as “Pollution”, it is difficult to be nullified by “Resistance”, so it is highly stable in terms of accuracy. Furthermore, with the “Poison Alchemy” ability, cramped damage will not be resisted.

Use Delayed Damage

“Delayed Damage” is more powerful than Continuous Damage, and can be a very powerful attack skill if its disadvantages are eliminated.

The biggest problem with Delayed Damage is that it takes time to activate, so it can be used effectively by, for example, speeding up the activation of the effect with “Shorten” or using defensive skills to buy time until the effect activates.

Using Reflective Damage

“Reflect Damage” has high power, although it requires the enemy to attack. One of its strengths is that it can be easily earned from the equipment ability. If it is an early stage enemy, “Reflect damage” is enough to kill them on its own.

The most popular use of “Reflect damage” is the “Imperial Wrath” skill of the “Dragoon” job. This skill inflicts the same number of damage to the enemy as the current “Reflect damage” each time the skill is used for a turn. At this time, by using multiple “T-skills” in succession, which do not take turns, instantaneous firepower can also be increased. The “Defensive” skill, which can be used every turn with a cooldown of 1, is particularly popular with Dragoon because it provides both defensive security and firepower.

Using maximum HP-dependent skills

This method is highly stable in that it can be used both defensively and at the same time.

Stack various abilities to increase maximum HP, and use a skill such as “Aura Cannon” whose power changes depending on its own HP to achieve high firepower.

The disadvantage of this build is that as HP decreases, firepower also decreases, so it is more stable to have a means of recovery as well.

Use petrification

This is a special approach.

Petrification is a condition that causes instant death when it reaches 100% or more, and by inflicting this on the enemy, you can defeat them.

However, normal petrification skills have problems with cooldowns and effect amounts, and cannot be used on their own to keep an enemy petrified in a stable manner.

It will be necessary to create a character for petrification by reducing the cooldown or increasing the amount of effect given.

In addition to the methods listed here, there are various other ways to attack.

Try various jobs, skills, and abilities to find your own unique strategy.