How Local Backup Works

Local Backup Recent

This data is what holds the same content as normal save data in parallel in a different save format. Therefore, it is updated at the same time when local data is saved, and it is almost always the same data. It is rarely used directly and is loaded instead when the local data cannot be loaded for some reason.

Local Backup 1~10

This data is generated primarily…

  • When local data is overwritten by Platform/game server data
  • When you try to upload to the Platform and the Platform data has more play time than the local data.

Both of these data are obtained automatically to “avoid the risk of unintentionally overwriting old data”.

These cannot be created manually.

The files are generated sequentially from 1, and the number is incremented by +1 each time a new file is generated.

For example, if backup 1=A, 2=B, 3=C is held, and new data D is stocked, then backup 1=D, 2=A, 3=B, 4=C is set, and so on.

A maximum of 10 most recent backups will be stocked, and if an attempt is made to create more than 11, they will be deleted in the order of local backup 10.