About Prior Release of the latest version

Buriedbornes is now in a system of pre-release distribution prior to update release, starting with v3.9.10, in order to achieve more stable releases.

What is “Prior Release”?

This is a test version that allows you to play the latest version, which will be delivered next, prior to the full release.

This is open to all participants who meet the following participation requirements.

When the latest content is delivered, you can be the first to access it, but it may be unstable.

Participation Requirements/Precautions

  • You have to read this entire article on your own, understand and agree with its contents.
    • Please do not give the URL for participation directly to other prospective participants.
      We may not be able to support to participants who have not read this page, even if a problem arises.
  • You have to help us find problems.
  • You have to report problems to the developer when they occur.
  • If you identify any problems, you have to submit a bug report.
    • Touch the clock at the top of the game screen to open the device info screen.
      Bug reports can be submitted from this screen.
  • You have to stop playing immediately when you found that there is a critical problem.
  • You have to follow instructions when given by the developer.
  • You have to confirm the latest information about the prior release by the official website, Discord, etc.
  • You have to accept the risk of save data rollback and other risks.

How to participate

Please be sure to read the Participation Requirements/Precautions before participating.


Please click on the link below to apply for participation.

Participation in prior releases


Please click on the link below to apply for participation.

Participation in prior releases

Steam PC

Open the properties of Buriedbornes from the Steam library.

Enter the following code in the code field and click “Confirm Code”.


Then select “priorrelease” which will be added to the drop-down.

If you are unable to successfully join, please restart the Steam client and try the same procedure again.

How to leave from the Prior Release


Go to the Buriedbornes game page on GooglePlay and select the Leave Beta button.

Then re-download the latest version if necessary.


Go to the Buriedbornes game page in the AppStore and download the latest version.

(Even if it is the same version as the TestFlight version, the download button should appear.)

If you have already downloaded the latest version, you can continue playing, but if the app downloaded via TestFlight is still installed, it may not automatically download via AppStore when the next version is delivered.

Steam PC

Open Buriedbornes properties, select the Beta tab and choose “None”.

If necessary, the game client will be added to your download list and you will be asked to re-download it.


Will the progress made in the prior release carry over to the Production release?

Yes, you use the same data as in the Production release.

When will the Prior Release be distributed?

In the future, it will be delivered 1-2 days before the Production release.

If no major degradation (problem recurrence or another problem) is confirmed in the preceding release, we will proceed with this release.

If a degradation is confirmed, this release may be postponed.