Your adventure takes place in a world called Versiegelt.

The oldest and most terrible prophecy has come true, and the world has fallen into desolation, ruled by an army of the dead.

You will use the art of soul possession, called the art of the Buriedbornes, to control the corpses of heroes and fight against the army of the dead.

In the year of the Descent 1999, the Ancient King rose from the dead and controlled an army of corpses to spread death and despair throughout the world.

Due to the curse brought by the King, those who have died in this world will be resurrected as the army of the dead.

If we continue to stand idly by, the world will be destroyed.

Unless someone defeats the Ancient King…

The human population has dwindled to about 1% of its peak.

Yet, those who remain are reluctantly surviving.

They form Unions and help each other for their own purposes in life.

Humanity has not yet given up on the world.

The Ancient King is not the only threat to the world.

Terrible enemies await you, including conquered targets that threaten the survival of life in large areas and disasters that are recognized as threats to all of humanity.

Many heroes have been buried at their hands.

Even a fearsome enemy that is beyond the control of any human being, you have a chance to win.

Carve up corpses, mend them, join them, and reassemble them.

You can modify a corpse during an adventure to give it more power, and from a corpse that has completed an adventure, you can bring back a limb or a head as a Lab part to use for the next corpse.

A corpse that has been pieced together from the body of a hero becomes a being that transcends humanity.

Their power could eventually reach even the gods.