Nussygame 新作「B100X – Auto Dungeon RPG」2020年リリース予定! – Nussygame new work “B100X – Auto Dungeon RPG” will be released in 2020!




It is newest title of Nussygame, the developer of Buriedbornes.

It will be released in 2020.


B100Xってなに? – What is B100X?


特に、Google Play,AppStoreにも掲載されているB100Sは、現在でもアップデートやリメイクを求める問い合わせをいただいておりました。




One year before the establishment of Nussygame, B100 and B100S developed by ohNussy before independence had “free item mixture system” adnd “fully automatic combat” and addiction that players never stops.

It established the basic concept of Nussygame works that are inherited by Buriedbornes and others.

In particular, B100S, which is also posted on Google Play and AppStore, has been receiving inquiries for updates and remakes even today.

A remake of the B100S, creating a work that can realize a free and wide character build for each player, expands the content, and enjoys competition and PvP between users while following the basic game play part Has been a dream for many years since Nussygame was launched.

B100X is the sequel to this B100S.

The policy of the B100X is to keep the simple attraction of the B100S as it is, and expand the range and depth of play.

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今後の予定 – Future plan



  • B100Xはどんなゲームになるのか?
  • ベータテストやリリースの予定告知


Currently, this work is in the early stage of development.
I plan to post various information on this site for release.

  • What kind of game will B100X be?
  • Beta test and release announcements

If you have any expectations or opinions about B100X, please send it here.