[Patch note] v1.5.6

Update History

2022.08.04Revealed this patch note.

Update Contents


  • Fixed a problem with Holly’s 3D model being choppy.
  • Color-coding of options has been added for each dungeon difficulty level.
    • This is also reflected in the dungeon names when challenging dungeons.
  • When leveling up a job, jobs below lvl 10 can only be raised to lvl 10 at a time.
    • Once a job is allocated up to lvl 10, subsequent job points can be allocated.
    • This feature is intended to prevent accidental over-allocation of job points.


  • Fixed a bug in which the “volume during battle” setting was not reflected correctly.
  • Fixed a case in which some battle logs were not displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some games to freeze/crash.
  • Fixed some graphics.
  • Fixed some text.