[Patch note] v3.9.7


2023.1.5-11Scheduled to release.
2023.1.4Revealed this patch note.



  • During the adventure, keep touching anywhere on the game screen to double the speed of combat.
  • Account freezes will be applied to cheaters and mods that manipulate in-game speeds.
  • Added a dedicated indicator to the UI when obtaining camp items.
  • Apply translated volunteer text.


  • Fixed a bug that the automatic restore function from platform (GooglePlayGames/iCloud/SteamCloud) may not work properly.
  • Added the ability to check if the game is saving properly during play.
  • Fixed an issue where the timetable period in the save data management screen is out of sync with the actual time.
  • Fixed an issue where some events were appearing unintentionally in the season dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where Syndicate affiliation information could be temporarily lost.
  • Fixed an issue where save data would not load properly in certain environments.