[22.04.25 Updated] About problems in v3.8.0


Thank you for always playing Buriedbornes.

I would like to inform you about the problems that are currently occurring in v3.8.0 and the plans for dealing with them.

The bug what you bought 10 unnamed amulets

These will be the amulets for the newly added 10 skills.

Empty data is displayed due to inconsistency of reference data.

We will fix it in v3.8.1 and change it to an amulet that corresponds to the appropriate new 10 skills.

Your amulet will be replaced automatically with the v3.8.1 update.

[22.04.21 Added] Ranking is not updated

Since v3.8.0, the ranking data has been registered, but the periodic processing of the ranking server has not been executed.

I am currently re-running the recalculation process of the ranking server.

Once the problem is resolved, the periodic processing will be performed and the rankings will be updated.

This problem is scheduled to be resolved by the end of today (April 21).

[22.04.21 Added] Can not change my union

In v3.8.0, I have confirmed that it is not possible to change union setting.

This bug will be fixed in v3.8.1.

[22.04.25 Added] Karma-related functions do not work properly

  • The bug that the loading screen does not finish when creating a character for “Karma”.
  • The bug that you get an error message “Cannot challenge because the character is an older version” even if the character is created in v3.8.0.
  • The bug that loading does not end without returning to the town screen after the karma challenge is end.

These bugs will be fixed in v3.8.1.

[22.04.25 Added] Roaming corpse may appear at level 1.

This bug will be fixed in v3.8.1.

If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact me directly or send bug report by touching the in-game clock.

Thank you for your patience.