About “Operation room” and contracts

“Operation room” and New Contracts

Since v3.0.0, Contract system is renewed.

Before v3.0.0, contracts have specific abilities and can not be changed.

Since v3.0.0, you can merge your contracts to add up to 5 abilities to a contract.

And you can have more than one same contracts.

“Dark study”, salvage and merge contracts

“Dark study” is new currency.

You can salvage your contract by selecting your contract in “possession list” to earn “Dark study”.

The more abilities salvaging contract have, the more “Dark study” you can earn.

You can merge your 2 contract by selecting in “Merge” to add new ability to former selected contract.

  • The more abilities base contract have, the more Dark study you need to pay.
  • The more abilities material contract have, the less Dark study you need to pay.
  • 1 ability will be chosen randomly from material contract, and it will be added to base contract.
  • Unique abilities(job ability, legendary item ability) will not be chosen for additional ability.

You can attach your contract to your adventurer as before.

And from now you do not need to pay any soulstones to use your contract.

How to use new Operation room UI

”Salvage Selected”

You can salvage all checked contracts to earn Dark study.


  • Press star: Protect your contracts.
  • Touch name: Change name. (You need to merge it once)
  • Press right button: Start merging.


First, select a material contract.

Second, press merge to consume some Dark study and a material contract to add a new ability to your left contract.