Play Guide 2 – Persistent items

Once-in-a-lifetime adventure

The adventure of Buriedbornes is generated by RNG.

Whenever you re-create a new character, the character will start with initialized status.

However, with many elements you can strengthen them.

Unlock new jobs

You can earn new jobs by:

  • Select locked job in character creation screen
  • Purchase in item shop
  • Encountering dungeon events

Use Contracts

You can attach a contract to a new character.

It will bring specific abilities to your characters.

Use Amulets

You can attach an amulet to a new character.

It will bring a specific skill to your characters.

Taking Consumable

You can take a consumable items.

  • Consumable item:You can use it in battles. You will lose it after using.
  • Camp Item: A character can have 1 camp item. You can use it in moving screen.

Use Bonus stock

You can attach a bonus stock to a new character.

It will bring an ability to your characters.

It can be earned from bonus chest.

Lab parts

You can attach up to 5 lab parts to your jobs.

Lab parts will bring abilities to your job characters.

Read here for detail.


You can use captured monsters instead of jobs.

Read here for detail.

Operation room

You can customize your contracts in Operation room.

Read here for detail.