v1.0.6 Scheduled Prior Release

What is Prior release?

This is a distributed version to collect some volunteer users and check the next release contents.

In order to speed up the response to some accounts that have startup problems, we plan to distribute a preliminary release before the official version is released.

We will announce details on how to participate as soon as they are ready.

Implementation period

Scheduled to start around Jan 14th to 15th, 2024 (Sun to Mon)

Implementation environment

We will start providing Android/iOS/Steam from environments that are ready.

About major changes in v1.0.6

Update schedule

Dealing with the expansion of save data

In v1.0.5 and earlier, an issue was confirmed where the save data file size would become larger than necessary after playing for a long period of time.

In v1.0.6, these files will be deleted and adjustments have been made to prevent new files from being generated.

This fix is expected to resolve issues where play becomes slow and save operations become unstable in some environments.

Increase in game server upload size limit

Save data that cannot currently be uploaded due to the 400KB limit can now be uploaded up to 2MB.

In conjunction with the above-mentioned save data size reduction, the situation where uploading is not possible is expected to be improved.

We will notify you once the preliminary release is ready.

Please wait for a while.