[2024/1/10 22:55 Update] Buriedbornes2 has been released on Google Play Store, AppStore, Steam!

2024/1/10 22:55 Update: The following problem has been confirmed.

v0.5.3 is downloading on Steam.

This has been confirmed in some environments.

This is a closed beta test version, so please restart Steam and download v1.0.3. (It uses different save data than the closed beta version, so your save data will be reset after the update!)

Gold Shard purchase and save data management will not work.

You may have downloaded v0.5.3 or v1.0.2.

Please check the store for updates, download v1.0.3 and try again.

The screen is corrupted in Chinese or Korean, or the characters look like □.

We have confirmed that this symptom occurs with certain language settings.

We plan to fix this in v1.0.4 or later.

“TOWN-LOADDATA” error occurs.

We have confirmed that this error occurs when the save file is corrupted in the Steam environment.

This issue will be fixed in v1.0.4 or later.

After executing “Delete Account”, the game will not be saved afterwards.

Considering the impact of this issue, we have temporarily stopped the save data management function in v1.0.3. (Function Maintenance mode)

We are currently investigating the cause of the problem, but we plan to implement a fix in v1.0.5 to resolve the issue.

We plan to release v1.0.4 as soon as possible, which will only fix issues that have a particularly large impact on gameplay.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience until the issue is resolved.


[JST] 2024/01/10 15:00~

Download Now!

It may take some time for the changes to be reflected in the store.

If it is not reflected, please wait a while and try again.

Join Discord Server!

Buriedbornes2 has an official Discord server. (The same server as the previous work is shared as the official server of the Buriedbornes series)

Please feel free to join us.

Buriedbornes Official Discord Server

Stage liberation of some functions

Gold shard Purchasing & Save data manager

Just before the release, unstable behavior was confirmed in the release version v1.0.2 regarding Gold Shard Purchase and Save data manager.

We have decided that providing stable gameplay and functionality should be our top priority, so we have limited these 2 functions in iOS v1.0.2 at the time of release.

These 2 features will be unlocked in v1.0.3 as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait until the issue is resolved.

We have released v1.0.3 in iOS on January 10, 2024 at around 3:30 pm.

After the update, each function is available.

Gold shard transfer function from Buriedbornes1

As previously announced, the gold shard transfer feature from Buriedbornes 1 to 2 will be available 1-2 week(s) after the release of the game.

Please click here for a detailed description of the feature.

Please consider joining Translation Volunteer Project

All Nussygame titles, not just the Buriedbornes2, are personally developed.

Reluctantly, there is not enough time and knowledge to properly translate all the text.

For this reason, Nussygame is improving the in-game text to a more appropriate content by receiving translation suggestions from players in the translation volunteer project and applying them in the game.

I would appreciate your cooperation in improving the Buriedbornes2 into a more confortable game.

On the release

Finally, Buriedbornes 2 is released.

The first announcement was that it would be released in 2021, but this means it has been postponed for 3 years.

I apologize for keeping you waiting, even if it was due to unavoidable circumstances such as hospitalization or the closure of the server service used.

Buriedbornes2 is based on the concept of “a hack-and-slash roguelike that any player can enjoy at any time, at any pace,” and was developed with the goals of “UX that is more enjoyable and gameplay that is easier for people to understand” and “Content that allows players to enjoy the post-apocalyptic dark-fantasy world”.

Buriedbornes 2 is a live service, so I plan to continue updating and expanding the content over the next few years (if possible, over 10 years).

For all of them, I will eliminate limited-time content (with the exception of some commemorative/apology item distributions) and provide the latest content in a format that can be played at any time.

Even more than the previous work, I hope to develop it into a game that you can come back to whenever you feel like playing.

After release, I will first proceed with development with the aim of updating the content in February 2024.

And I will respond to any issues or adjustments as needed and do my best to create an environment that you can enjoy comfortably, so I look forward to your continued support of Buriedbornes2 and Nussygame.