Developer’s Letter December 2023

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in November 2023

Buriedbornes2 Closed Beta Test Stage2

Stage 2 of the closed beta test was conducted in the first half of November, and we confirmed that the improvements to the game system were functioning properly.

After completing Stage 2, we proceeded with balance adjustment and network function development in preparation for Stage 3 in the latter half of November.

B100X v2.1.4 update

We have released a temporary release to fix some fatal bugs that affect game progress.

Development schedule for December 2023

Buriedbornes2 Closed Beta Test Stage3, and Release!

We started Stage 3 at the end of November.

At this stage, we are mainly asking for the cooperation of testers on Android/iOS environments in addition to Steam to confirm network functionality.

Buriedbornes 2 is scheduled to be officially released on December 20th.

Stay tuned!

Buriedbornes v3.9.18 update

With the release of Buriedbornes 2, we will update to provide the ability to migrate gold shards from Buriedbornes 1 to 2.

The Gold Shard Migration function will be released approximately 1-2 weeks after the release of Buriedbornes 2 to avoid any problems that may occur immediately after release.

We apologize for keeping you waiting for a while, but we appreciate your understanding.

Buriedbornes2 New Information

An idea designed on paper is not always the best one.

Based on the data and feedback collected during the beta test, we have made the following major changes to clarify what Buriedbornes 2 (hereinafter referred to as BB2) needs and does not need, and to improve issues and achieve better gameplay.

Free Skill

BB2 also had a problem where players could not end their turn without shooting a skill they didn’t want to use, such as “I had enough Brave, but the skill I wanted to shoot was on cooldown”.

Therefore, we have introduced a wide variety of free skills that can be used at any time without worrying about the number of times they are used and can be used for a turn.

  • Cooldown is always 1 (unaffected by Slow effect)
  • No upper limit on the Remaining (however, you will lose if the total Remaining of other skills reaches 0)
  • When used, the turn always ends

Free skills make it easier to adjust your turns in any situation. On the other hand, free skills themselves do not have attack performance and their performance is lower than normal skills, so there is a trade-off between using high-performance skills.

Treasure chest

While the inventory item system functioned as a collection feature, an issue was identified during beta testing where players tended to avoid bringing items in order to free up space to take them home.

With the newly introduced treasure chest system, you can bring back inventory items obtained in dungeons without straining your inventory. (You can hold up to 5 inventory items, but up to 99 treasure chests)

Only the rarity of the treasure chests you obtain can be checked, and you can enjoy the contents only after you return alive. If you die during the process, you will lose all the treasure chests you obtained unless you are revived.

Take the items you brought back with you and use them on your next adventure.

Changing the application destination of lab parts

While the new lab parts system has been designed to be fun as a long-term training system, we have confirmed an issue where parts that do not match the current setup (race x job) would drop, or where training could take too much time to try out a newly released setup.

Now you can change the application of the lab parts you get at the end of the adventure to any setup, so for example, you can use lab parts obtained from a fully grown setup to apply to a new setup you want to try. (So-called power leveling), or when you get a lab part that you want to use in another setup, you can transfer it to that one.

Corpse mod board (So-called Passive skill tree)

The corpse mod system, which selects one out of 5 random nodes, caused a balance issue during the beta because it was possible to obtain extremely powerful abilities over and over again. On the other hand, if you choose from random abilities each time, training will tend to be improvisational, resulting in a lack of planning.

In order to strike a balance between improvisation and planning, corpse mod has been revised to a skill tree-based “corpse mod board” system.

The board structure is randomly generated each time you create a character, so you can’t keep getting the same abilities, and only the areas around the acquired nodes are visible, so you can plan out the order in which abilities will be acquired as much as you can, and you can improvise.


To encourage active use of inventory items, you can now unlock bargain lineups from Union Order rewards.

Once unlocked, items can be purchased at any time with special currency (Silver coin), so you can try bringing in items without worrying about running out.

A little less than 4 years have passed since its announcement, and the release of Buriedbornes 2 has continued to be postponed, making it feel like we’ve been waiting for a long time.

Still, I’m really happy to finally be able to deliver it with you all.

We will do our best to deliver the release without any trouble as much as possible, so we would appreciate it if you could watch over it warmly.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.