v1.0.6 is now available!

In preparation for this update, we received help from around 500 Prior Release Users in confirming the issue and identifying the cause.

We have resolved many issues, so please update as soon as possible.


[JST] 2024/01/18(Thu) 13:30

  • Please download from AppStore or GooglePlay. In web, please reload your page.
  • If you can not find update on the store, please wait a while.


Update History

Plans for Apology Distribution

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to players due to many issues with this release.

Since there are still some major issues that remain, we plan to add Gold Shards, Silver Coins, and Union Confidence Earning Tasks as apologies when v1.0.7 is released, after we confirm that the situation has stabilized. (The specific amount to be distributed is described on the Management Plan page below.)

We apologize for keeping you waiting, but please wait for a while.

Plans for the future management of Buriedbornes2

We have prepared a page summarizing our future management plans, so please take a look at that page as well.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame and Buriedbornes2.