Buriedbornes2 Management Plan


Thank you for playing Buriedbornes2.

Buriedbornes2 was released on January 10, 2024.

I deeply apologize to our players for the tremendous inconvenience caused by many bugs.

I am currently working on resolving the critical issues as our top priority.

I am making progress on each issue very smoothly, and I would like to thank our user community for their active cooperation in identifying the cause of these issues.

Thank you very much.

This page summarizes the future management plan of Buriedbornes2.

I thought it would be better to have a page that says, “If I look at this page, I can get a general idea of what Buriedbornes2 is going to be like”.

I will continue to update this page, so please check back regularly.

Maintenance Informations

No maintenance is currently being performed.

Are you in trouble?

Please refert this page.

Please also check the schedule for updates.

If you cannot find a solution to your problem, please send us a bug report through the menu or by touching the clock at the top of the screen.

[2024/05/06 Updated] Scheduled Update

Development work is underway with the following goals

2024/1/30(火)v1.0.8/v1.0.9 is now available!
* Update was made on the same day due to release version problems.
* iOS is currently under v1.0.9 review. Please check here for detailed history.
– Fix the problems not operating according to specifications.
– Adjust many balance problems (HP Stack, Keystones etc…)
2024/02/05(Mon)v1.0.10 release is now available!
resolves significant remaining combat and adventure-related issues.
v1.0.11 release is now available!
resolves issues with UI improvements and resolution of minor issues
2024/03/04(Mon)v1.0.12 release is now available.
resolves issues with some minor UI improvements.
2024/03/22(Fri)v1.1.0 release is now available.
monthly/seasonal content updates begin
2024/03/25(Mon)v1.1.1 release is now available.
Addresses the major problems identified in v1.1.0.
2024/04/04(Thu)v1.1.2 release is now available.
Address medium-scale problems identified up to v1.1.1.
2024/04/11(Thu)v1.1.3 release is now available.
Address small problems identified up to v1.1.2.
Implemented several high-priority functional improvements.
2024/04/22(Mon)v1.1.4 release is now available.
Implemented several high-priority functional improvements.
2024/05/01(Wed)2nd monthly content update
Added the dungeon “Mine” and the disaster “Fenrir”.
2024/05/06(Mon)v1.1.5 release is now available.
Implemented several high-priority functional improvements.
2024/05 Midv1.2.0 Prior Release will be available.
2024/05 Latev1.2.0 Production Release will be available.
2024/06/01Seasonal content update

Update Policy

The issues to be resolved are divided into the following groups and will be addressed in order of priority.

Issue PrioritySummaryResponse Policy
SA situation that prevents the player from playing/progressing in the game itself.
(Cannot start, Always error, etc.)
For versions containing S issues, I will prepare a version that resolves all S issues to the extent possible and release it without waiting for other fixes.
I will release without prior release if needed.
AAnything that interferes with the player’s normal play/progression.
(requires restart, does not work according to specifications, etc.)
Priority will be given to addressing this issue over other corrections.
A and below will be released after the prior release in principle.
I will hold off on content updates if many of these issues remain.
BInterferes with the player’s comfort play/progression.
(confusing or misleading, too complicated to operate, etc.)
Each version will address this issue a little bit at a time.
If there is no S/A issue, I will focus on addressing this issue.
I will address this issue in parallel with content update development.
CSomething that can be modified to make it even more comfortable.Ibid.

I expect to update S/A issues approximately once a week until they are resolved, but the number of updates may increase or decrease depending on the status of the S issues.

[2024/2/13 Updated] Schedule for supplemental distribution

On 24th Jan 2024, with the release of v1.0.7, compensating items were distributed.

In the release of v1.0.7, I plan to start distributing compensatory items as an apology once we have confirmed that the critical issues affecting progress have been resolved.

  • [Each dungeon] Added a bonus mission to earn up to 3,000 gold shards
  • [Each dungeon] Added a bonus mission to earn up to 3,000 silver coins
  • [Each Union] Add a bonus mission to earn up to 450 Union Credits every week.
    *Will be added sequentially at the weekly update of each account’s union mission.
  • [3 dungeons] Added a bonus mission to earn up to 9 Tag of Nostalgia

About Prior Release

The prior release is available from v1.0.6.

This is a test version of the latest version of the game, which will be released next, and can be played prior to the full release.

It is open to all who meet the requirements for participation.

I would appreciate your cooperation to ensure a stable version of the software.

[2024/4/16 Updated] Scheduled Balance Adjustment

Adjustments planned for v1.2.0

I plan to rework the following races, jobs, and origins, which are considered to have particularly low usage rates and little scope for utilization.

  • Dog
  • Pumpkin
  • Viking
  • Bard
  • Pauper
  • Rebel

When building shielded builds, I have identified a situation where the means to amplify the shield is limited to “Ancient shield”.
I am planning to add shield amplification skills and abilities to provide a more diverse selection of methods.
On the other hand, there are almost no countermeasures in the same level range against methods to amplify a dramatic amount of shields in a short period of time, and I plan to increase the variety of methods to do percentage damage to the target shield as well.

Adjustments made up to v1.1.0

This is one of the builds currently raging in the rankings.

This is due to 2 unexpected adjustments.

Lack of “Avoid Critical”

At the time of release, most monsters were found to be missing “Avoid Critical”.

This causes players to build a “Final blow” build that would normally only work with a very high Critical rate or high critical multiplier skill set.

After the original “Avoid Critical” is set up, “Final blow” is expected to become less functional for high-ranked monsters and bosses due to their critical rates.

However, if you thoroughly collect lab parts, equipment parts, corpse mod, runes, etc. to earn a high critical rate that exceeds the “Avoid Critical”, you can still trigger “Final blow” as often as before.

balance between HP and HP stacks

We also believe that the reason for the heavy emphasis on “Final blow” is due to the setting of enemy durability, which is weighted more heavily on the amount of HP stacks.

We also believe that this indirectly contributes to the problem of increased Remaining consumption in battle.

Therefore, we are considering the following adjustments.

  • Reduce HP stacks and increase HP (while keeping the total amount of damage required)
  • Adding skills and abilities that provide HP stack reduction effects other than “Final blow”

There are 2 skills that remain problematic.

Ancient Shield

The “keep doubling the shield and convert it to firepower” combo itself is intended, but the number of times it can be used in conjunction with runes is too frequent, so we plan to adjust the Remaining. (-5/50 → -2/20, etc.)

Fairy Powder

We are planning to revise the effect itself due to the situation where shields can be continuously increased in a short period of time.

Specifically, we are planning to adjust the effect so that it does not increase shields by itself by having an effect that assists the amount of shields gained.

The Buriedbornes series has users who want to play casually and users who want to challenge themselves in a severe environment, and in the previous Buriedbornes 1, the lack of content offered for the latter group of players was a problem.

The Remaining of skills will not be eliminated in the future.

The Remaining is provided as a “Non-permanent resource” to achieve a sense of tension in high difficulty content.

We have decided that “Non-permanent resources” are indispensable in realizing “Difficulty in which players have to deal with gradual approach to death” rather than “Unreasonable difficulty in which players suddenly die with a single blow,” which has always been considered a problem in the previous Buriedbornes1.

Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could bear in mind that eliminating this element would be a change that would please casual users, but would deprive challenging users of the depth of content.

On the other hand, we believe that there are some areas that are not well adjusted, and that casual users are frustrated because in some cases they are faced with depleting the Remaining in the early stages of the game. (This is because it is impossible for them to become dissatisfied if they can keep playing without running out their Remaining.)

The ideal balance would be “a factor that is of little concern in the early stages, but becomes more severe as you move deeper into the dungeon“.

Adjustments to be made regarding the Remaining

  • Attack methods such as petrification and reduction in the Remaining will be eliminated from the skills possessed by enemies in the early stages of the game.
     →This modification has already been partially applied.
  • I will relax the means of increasing the Max Remaining and recovery so that the user rarely has to worry about the Remaining in the early stages of game play.
     →This modification has already been partially applied.
  • Lowering the durability (=Fewer HP stack) of enemies in the early stages of the game to improve the pace of play while reducing Remaining consumption.
  • Provide a dedicated dungeon where players can enjoy builds that ignore the Remaining.
  • Add races or jobs or legendary equipments that ignore any Remaining.

As of v1.0.10, Parry is very powerful as a general-purpose defensive measure, and there is no countermeasure for it. Of course, it is not invincible due to the upper limit of probability, but it is a fact that it is an element that hinders smooth strategies, especially in the PvP environment.

The following adjustments are planned for v1.1.0 so that more diverse defensive measures will be adopted in the PvP environment, rather than relying solely on “Parry”.

  • Additional performance of “Bind” and making “Bind”-imparting skills must-hit + ignore “Parry”.
    “Bind,” a debuff that reduces only the evasion rate in the current version, will be adjusted so that it also applies to the reduction of the chance of “Parry”.
    In addition, skills that inflict “Parry” on enemies will have “100% Pure Hit” and “Ignore Parry”. Instead, those skills will be adjusted downward in terms of effectiveness and damage.
  • New ability “Bewitching Movement”
    This new ability has the effect of “You and your enemies cannot parry.”
    It is mainly obtained from lab parts, corpse mod board and high rarity equipment.

In the PvP environment, countermeasures tend to be shunned,

  • If the number of Parry measures is reduced in the environment, Parry measures become useless.
  • Once the number of anti-Parry measures is reduced, Parry itself becomes active again.
  • When the use of “Parry” becomes mainstream, the use of anti-Parry measures becomes active again.

I am aware that such a “cycle of 3 systems” (A, counter against A, and others) will activate the PvP environment.

The HP stack reduction effect, which can reduce not only “Final Blow” but also high HP stacks at once, is extremely powerful and is currently narrowing the range of choices of attack methods.
While it is within the scope of expectations that skills with a certain degree of power will be popular, I believe that the situation where many players concentrate on only a few specific skills limits the freedom of build construction.
Also, if the best option is to always defeat the enemy with every HP stack, it will lead to stagnation in the PvP environment.
In order to allow players to use a variety of attack methods without relying solely on specific skills in both strategy and PvP environments, I plan to make the following adjustments in v1.1.0.

  • Additional performance of each attribute “Vulnerability”
    In the current version, the “Vulnerability” debuff for each attribute only reduces resistance.
    In contrast, I will add a new specification regarding resistance.
    “When an Element resistance is negative, it has a certain probability of losing 1 HP stack (maximum probability 100%) each time it takes that elemental damage.”
    I am also planning to add new means of granting resistance reduction effects, which are currently few in number, through skills, runes, abilities, and other means.
    This specification is also effective against monsters in the adventure that have negative resistance by default, so it can be used to exploit each monster as a weakness.
  • Addition of several new abilities that gain new HP stack reduction effects.
    I plan to add multiple HP stack reduction effects similar to “Final blow” and “Vulnerable” so that we can realize various approaches on how to reduce the HP stacks of enemies.
  • Additional performance of “Guts”
    “Guts,” a buff that avoids only consuming HP stacks in the current version, will be adjusted to apply to HP stack reduction effects as well.
    In other words, with a probability of up to 95%, characters with Guts will be able to avoid HP stack reduction effects.

Adjustment of races and jobs

The same policy of adjustment that we have followed in Buriedbornes1 will be followed, but we will proceed with gradual adjustment and reworking of some races and jobs that have low utilization in the medium term.

Please keep in mind that adjustments will not be made with the goal of simply making the element stronger, but rather to make it “fun to use” and “make you want to use it”.

Long-term direction of adjustment

As has been our policy since Buriedbornes1, I believe that the situation of “some builds being stronger” in each version/season is unavoidable.

With the ease of sharing information on the Internet, it is natural for games to be biased in their strategies, and I believe that it is one option for beginner players to rely on stronger builds for their strategies.

There are also players who passionately seek out practicality in their builds, even if they are considered weak by comparison, and I feel that I should continue to respect this style of play.

However, we do not like a situation where the environment is dominated by certain builds, where players can clear the game without thinking, or where they feel no meaning or interest in other options.

We hope to realize a situation in which players can freely choose what they like best among the choices, with some differences in strength and weakness, and attack the game with their own approach.

About UI Improvement

Many people have pointed out UI issues in reviews and surveys.

I am currently focusing on fixing the critical issues, so it is difficult to respond immediately, but I plan to improve the UI step by step after the release of v1.0.7.

If you have any requests for changes, please join the official Discord server and send us your suggestions in the Suggestions channel.

[2024/3/22 Update] Goldshard migration feature from Buriedbornes1

For more information on the transition feature, please visit Check the Buriedbornes1 help page.

This function has been released.

Update history of this page

2024/05/06(Mon)Reflects the following:
– Release of v1.1.4, v1.1.5.
2024/04/16(Tue)Reflects the following:
– Release of v1.1.2, v1.1.3.
– Release plan of v1.1.4.
– Release plan of v1.2.0.
– “Adjustments planned for v1.2.0”
2024/03/26(Tue)Reflects the following:
– Release of v1.1.1.
2024/03/22(Fri)Reflects the following:
– Release of v1.1.0.
2024/03/04(Mon)Reflects the following:
– Release of v1.0.12.
2024/02/26(Mon)Reflects the following:
– Release of v1.0.11.
– Added v1.0.12 scheduled update.
2024/02/13(Tue)Reflects the following:
– Release of v1.0.10
– Rescheduling of the entire schedule due to the developer’s health condition
– Addition of schedule for adjustment
2024/01/28(Sun)Added “GoldShard Migration from Buriedbornes1” section
2024/01/24(Wed)Update schedule after v1.0.7 release.
2024/01/18(Thu)Added Update policy by issue priority after v1.0.6 release.
2024/01/16(Tue)Created this page.