v3.4.4がリリースされました。 – v3.4.4 now available!


適用日 – Release Data

[JST] 2020/09/04(金/Fri) 08:20

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更新履歴 – Update history


クールダウンへの暫定的な対策 – Temporary measures to cooldown stack





In the current version, when all the skills of both you and an enemy enter the cooldown state, I have confirmed the problem that the cooldown does not decrease and the battle does not progress.

As a provisional response to this problem, I deal with the process of “when all the skills of both you and an enemy are in the cooldown state, decrement the CD of each skill by -1 for each turn”.

In the next version, I am planning to fix it to “Turn end processing regardless of skill availability”. This change has side effects, such as “You will take damage over time even on the turns that you did not use the skill”, and it is expected to have a certain effect on the balance.

Please understand.

これからも、 Nussygame と Buriedbornes をよろしくお願い致します。

Thank you for your patience.