[16:45 Updated]Problems in v3.9.0 and fix plan

2022/12/14 16:45 JST

We have released v3.9.0 fixed version for SteamPC only.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented getting currency information when launching the game with no Buriedbornes items in your Steam inventory.

Please update the game by following the steps “Restart the Steam client” and “Check the integrity of the game files”.

(If you do not update, an error may occur when starting the adventure.)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

2022/12/14 16:20 JST

We have identified the cause.

A fixed version will be released and applied later today.

(Only the Steam version will be re-updated with the version intact)

Please wait for a while until the support is completed.

2022/12/14 15:52 JST

We are currently aware of an issue where accounts that have migrated from other platforms to the Steam PC version of the game are unable to retrieve the game server’s currency information and are displayed with a reduced amount of currency in their possession.

(Currency information is normally kept on the game server, and the problem is that this information is not being reflected.)

We will update v3.9.0 as soon as the cause of this issue is identified.

Please wait for a while until the support is completed.