[Patch note] v3.8.1


2022.04.26Added update contents.

Update Contents


  • The “Restore Saved Data from Old Game Server” function has been temporarily released.
    • This is a restoration function in the form of ID/Password or platform-linked account download selection, up to the previous version.
    • This function is scheduled to end on September 28, 2022 at 0:00 GMT.


  • Fixed a bug where the added 10 skill amulets would be displayed as empty skills and tightened.
  • Fixed a bug that the error “DGN-ROM-001” occurs when the room progresses in rare cases .
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from challenging a karma dungeon due to the error “old version character”.
    • It will be possible to challenge from a newly registered character in Karma.
  • Fixed a bug in which level 1 Roaming corpse could appear even in the deeper levels.
  • Fixed a bug in which the loading screen would not end after changing unions.
  • The ability “Private Sanctuary” now always increases equipment parameters instead of decreasing them.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen would not close when trying to restore an account with a backup code that did not exist or had a typo.
  • Fixed a bug in the mobile version where the same notification could appear multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug that the loading screen would not end when registering karma or returning to a town from karma.
  • Line breaks are no longer displayed in the names listed in the rankings.
  • Fixed some text and link URLs.