Partial Functional Suspension from v3.8.0

Thank you for playing Buriedbornes.

With the upcoming v3.8.0 update, Buriedbornes as well as B100X will start migrating to a new server.

As a result, there will be some functionality outages and restrictions on some of the features that Buriedbornes has offered up to this point.

Partial Functional Suspension

  • Saved Data Management
    • Starting with v3.8.0, a new save data management function will be introduced.
    • This is the same model as B100X, which allows data linkage to the platform/game server, and account restoration by issuing and using backup codes.
      • From this new save data management feature, it will no longer be possible to directly restore server saves saved prior to v3.7.X.
    • For this reason, I recommend that those who have data from v3.7.X or earlier reinstall the game and retrieve their data before v3.8.0 is released, and issue backup codes after v3.8.0 is released.
    • If you wish to restore saved data from v3.7.X or earlier, please contact me directly and we will respond to your request individually.
  • “Syndicate” Function
    • Starting with v3.8.0, I will temporarily stop providing the syndicate function.
    • I plan to implement and provide an alternative function in subsequent version upgrades.
  • “Syndicate Hunt” function
    • In conjunction with the suspension of the syndicate function, the “Syndicate Hunt” function will also be temporarily suspended.
    • As with the syndicate function, an alternative function will be implemented and provided in a subsequent version update.
  • “Whisper” function
    • The “Whisper” function will be changed from a bulletin board type to a chat type.
    • After starting up the game, the user will be connected to the “whisper server” by opening the “whisper” screen.
    • After the connection is made, whispers sent by other users will be received and notified.
    • This means that you will no longer be able to refer to old postings made before you logged in.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the game server migration.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.