Buriedbornes2 Release Date Postponed

Thank you for playing Nussygame’s games.

Due to unavoidable reasons, I have decided to postpone the release of this game, “Buriedbornes2”, which was scheduled for the autumn of 2022.

In this article, I would like to inform you of the circumstances and our future plans.

Release Date Postponed

  • 2022 Autumn → Undecided

Reason for postponement

  • Game server migration support
  • Decrease in development man-hours due to family reasons
  • Health problems

Game server migration support

It was announced in mid-2021 that the game servers used by Nussygame titles will be closed in September 2022.

In response, the provider simultaneously announced that it would communicate information about a subsequent service by the end of 2021, so I assumed that the server would be migrated to that subsequent service and put the server migration on hold until the end of 2021, waiting for the information to be released.

However, as a result, no information about the subsequent service has yet been released to the public until now, and the game server use has been suspended, prompting the transition to another service.

Therefore, I have started selecting and migrating to another server service for each title sequentially starting in January 2022.

Currently, the migration process to B100X is halfway complete, and server migrations are scheduled for 3 other titles: Buriedbornes1, Ending Days, and Patchwork Spaceship.

This migration process must be completed by September 2022, as game servers are essential for maintaining game services, such as retaining billing purchase information and providing save data backups.

I am allocating roughly 3-6 months worth of man-hours to each of the tasks associated with this migration.

Decrease in development man-hours due to family reasons

Currently, due to family circumstances, the amount of time I can devote to work during the week has been reduced to half or less than normal.

This problem started suddenly and unintentionally around February 2022 and was completely unexpected.

I will not reveal the specific reasons for this, as it is not my own problem, but rather a matter of health and privacy for the family.

Since it is difficult to foresee a solution to this problem, I have no idea when this problem will be resolved or when I will be able to devote the same amount of time to work as I do under normal circumstances.

Perhaps the reduction in development man-hours due to this problem could continue for several years.

Health problems

For the 2 reasons mentioned above, I was in a situation where my man-hours were reduced by half, and I had to simultaneously work on “development work for the server migration of existing titles,” “content expansion through a major update,” and “new development for Buriedbornes 2″.

Naturally, this was a practically impossible task, and despite my best efforts to anticipate the situation, multiple health issues were brought to the surface.

I had been trying to push through to deliver Buriedbornes2 on the promised date, but in March 2022, physical symptoms began to appear at a level that would interfere with my daily lives, and I have decided to postpone the release of Buriedbornes2 because it will be difficult to maintain both quality and stable service that will satisfy you in the autumn of 2022 if this continues.

Revised Schedule

  • Spring 2022
    • B100X v1.4.2-X released
      • Complete the migration of B100X to the new server.
  • April 2022
    • Buriedbornes v3.8.0 released
      • This will begin the migration to the new server.
  • Early summer of 2022
    • Buriedbornes v3.8.X released
      • Complete the migration of Buriedbornes to the new server.
    • Ending Days v1.4.2-3 released
      • Complete the migration of Ending Days to the new server.
    • Patchwork Spaceship v1.0.5 released
      • Complete the migration ofPatchworkSpaceship to the new server.
      • Originally, the update was scheduled to be completed at v1.0.4, but due to a problem with the existing purchase history, we will update it.
  • July 2022
    • B100X v1.5.0 released
      • Major content update

The timing of the beta test and release of Buriedbornes 2 has not yet been determined.

I will announce the timing of the beta test and release of Buriedbornes 2 when I can make a more definite timeline.


B100X, Buriedbornes 2 release delay due to developer health reason

I apologize for the repeated announcements of delays.

While all of these problems were unforeseen, 2 years have passed since the initial announcement, and I am very sorry that I am unable to keep my promised timing.

However, I will not rest on my laurels and will continue to search for a way to secure the same level of man-hours as in normal times by continuing trial and error as much as possible regarding the development system issue.

Thank you for your continued support.