[Patch note] v3.8.0



Update Contents

New Features

  • New season “???” 4/27- Scheduled to open!
  • New “save data management” has been introduced.
    • From this new save data management feature, server saves saved before v3.7.X can no longer be restored directly.
    • For this reason, I recommend that those who have data from v3.7.X or earlier reinstall the game and retrieve the data before v3.8.0 is released, and issue a backup code after v3.8.0 is released.
    • For those who wish to restore saved data prior to v3.7.X, please contact us directly and we will respond to your request individually.
  • “Gift Code” function has been added.
    • With the migration to the new server, the method of acquiring gift data has been changed, from automatic assignment of gift codes to specific UserIDs to receiving gift codes by entering a code.
    • This function will be used only for individual user support.
  • A new “Whisper” function has been introduced.
    • It is in a chat format and notifies the user of messages received after the whisper server login.
    • Text references prior to login are no longer available.
  • Device information is now displayed by touching the clock at the top of the screen. As before, you can also send bug reports from there.


  • When some in-game processes did not complete successfully, a message is displayed and the game is restarted without saving to preserve data.
  • The “Brass Key” can now be canceled by retouching the Use Brass Key button.
    • From contracts what you earned after v3.8.0-
  • Bug reports can now be submitted from the title screen as well.


  • The lineup in the dried leeves store will be updated.
  • It is now possible to challenge the “Hunt” dungeon in offline mode.
  • The cooldown of skills is no longer less than 1 due to the effect of the skill transformation “Commanding”.
  • Priest’s unique ability has been changed to “Excellent healer” (increases the skill’s power with HP recovery).
  • Sylph’s ability “Assimilate with air” has been changed to “The barrier will activate absolutely if the barrier is 3 or less”.
  • The effect amount and effect turn of Pirate’s unique ability, “Call for fire”, has been adjusted.
  • The effect of the ability “Beast Transformation” has been changed to “Inoperable / Cooldown reduced to 1 / Number of use skills +1”.
  • The effect of Dark Summoner’s ability “Blasphemy” has been changed to “Skills what grant shields will activate twice”.
  • Paladin’s ability “Crusade” now increases the damage dealt by Reflect damage to the amount of “Damage Reduce X%” they have.
  • The effect of Grave Robber’s ability “Private Sanctuary” has been changed to “Each time a floor is cleared, the equipments performance will be improved”. (Whenever it changes, it will always be greater than the original value.)
  • Changed the effect of “Dust” so that it occurs only when a turn has elapsed.
  • The effect of “Penetrate X%” now applies only to attacks in which the holder uses a skill. (It will no longer apply to damage that occurs automatically.)
  • The effects of “Infection” and “Reign” are now also triggered by skills used by the user.
  • The effects of “Promotion” now also gain some %-type abilities.
  • The amount of effect of “Imperial Wrath” and other effects derived from the legendary items has been adjusted so that they are equivalent to the effect of skills.


  • “Syndicate” and “Syndicate Hunt” have been temporarily suspended.
    • The new functions needed to be developed in conjunction with the migration to the new server, but due to the possibility that this could interfere with the server migration, which is our top priority, we will temporarily prioritize the migration and provide alternative functions in an update at a later date.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the data from being saved properly due to bloating when a large number of specific state changes were applied while increasing the number of effect turns.
  • Fixed a bug in which the effects described in the dungeon descriptions in some weekly dungeons were not properly activated.
  • Fixed a bug in which the effects of the “Successor” were being applied even to camp items.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to challenge season dungeons even in offline mode.
  • Fixed some text.
  • Fixed some images.