[2024/02/29 Updated] About unlocking the Gold Shard Transition for Buriedbornes 1 → 2

Thank you for playing the Buriedbornes series (“BB”).

The scheduled Gold Shard transfer function from BB1 to BB2 will be lifted as follows.


[JST] 2024/02/29(Wed) 15:00~

How to transfer

The general flow is as follows:

  1. Open the Gold Shard purchase screen of BB1.
  2. Touch the “2” button in the screen
  3. After the upload is complete, launch BB2 on the same platform (GooglePlayGames, GameCenter, Steam) with the linked account.

The “2” button will not appear until the function is available.

For more information on the procedure, please see this article.

Please Note

Please note the following points when implementing the transition:

  • After migration, the migrated gold shard will be lost from your BB1 account.
  • Only accounts linked to the same platform can use the migrated Gold Shards.
  • Migration is limited to once per game user.
  • In principle, we will not be able to change the platform account to which the Migrated Gold Shard is applied.
    Only in case of unavoidable circumstances, we will be able to do this up to once for each case.
  • We may temporarily stop providing the functionality if any trouble related to the functionality is confirmed.
    Please understand this in advance.

[2024/02/29 Add] If the migrated gold shard cannot be confirmed in BB2

In very rare cases, it has been confirmed that the BB2 side cannot successfully obtain linked data even when using the same platform. (Currently confirmed only on Google Play).

If you encounter any problems, please contact us here with the following information so that we can fix the data manually.

  • UserID in Buriedbornes1
  • UserID in Buriedbornes2

We apologize for the delay between the release and the start of functionality.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame and the Buriedbornes series.