Developer’s Letter March 2024

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in Febrary 2024

Stalled development progress due to new corona infection

On February 9, I was infected with a new type of coronavirus, a situation that stalled development for approximately 1 or 2 weeks. (Detail here.)

Although I have recovered physically to some extent, there are still some areas where I am not back to full strength, so I am maintaining a comfortable pace and starting development.

Buriedbornes2 ~ v1.0.11

I have addressed fixes to major issues and improved the UI, and I believe that most of the early release issues have been resolved.

Of course, minor bug fixes and UI improvements will continue with each update.

Development schedule for March 2024

Buriedbornes2 v1.0.12、v1.1.0

4~ March 2024v1.0.12Minor UI improvements and fixes for high-impact bugs.
18~ March 2024v1.1.0First major update implemented.
A new union will be added and various contents will be added along with it.
New features will also be added as a seasonal update.
20~ March 2024The new content added in v.1.1.0 will be unlocked.
1 May 2024A new dungeon will be added as part of the May monthly update.

For other detailed update plans, please click here.

Scheduled after April 2024

Buriedbornes2 regular content updates

Buriedbornes2 will feature 2 content updates.

  • Monthly Update
    • Update to add a new dungeon or union.
  • Season Update
    • Updates to add new features and/or new content that will extend the enjoyment of Buriedbornes2.

v1.1.0 will include seasonal updates.

I also plan to begin a cycle of adding new content on the first of each month from May onward.

I hope you continue to enjoy the ever-expanding world of Buriedbornes2.

Support for Other Titles

Due to the development slowdown in February, the implementation dates of major updates for existing titles will also be postponed.

  • B100X v2.2.0
    • Scheduled to be released around June May 2024
  • Buriedbornes v3.10.0
    • Scheduled to be released around August July 2024

I received many messages of support from many people during my illness.

I have refrained from replying to each message individually, but I have read through all of them.

Thank you very much for your support.

I feel a little that I may have been a bit impatient with some of the issues that arose with the release of Buriedbornes2.

In order to develop this title into one that will be loved for many years to come, I would like to curb short-term and short-sighted responses and improve both my health and development systems so that I can continue to provide stable updates over the medium to long term.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.