Developer’s Letter October 2023

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in September 2023

B100X v2.1.X

In the first half of September, we addressed various issues that occurred with v2.1.0.

Buriedbornes2 Development

Until the end of September, we have been working on implementing features, adjusting balance, and fixing bugs in preparation for the closed beta test.

The core part of the game is almost complete, and the main work ahead of release is to implement and adjust network-related functions.

Development scheduled in October 2023

Buriedbornes2 Closed Beta Test

Closed Beta Test Stage 1 will be held from September 30th to October 14th.

Based on this feedback, we will make improvements to the game, and we will also implement network-related functions in preparation for Stage 2.

The timing of Stage 2 will depend on the amount of feedback received from Stage 1, so we are refraining from disclosing the timing at this time.

After Stage 2 is implemented, we plan to release the product version after adjusting the schedule.

Buriedbornes v3.9.17

It is expected that major updates will not be possible until the release of Buriedbornes 2.

For this reason, we are planning to implement a small update to strengthen weekly missions.

This update is expected to take approximately one week.

What’s New in Buriedbornes2

Continuing from the previous article, we would like to introduce some of the new systems in Buriedbornes2 (BB2).

Union Order

Each union has a progressive reward system called “Union Order”.

  1. Belong to any union
  2. Start the adventure
  3. Earn “Union Credit” by completing union missions
  4. Proceed with any Union Order by paying Union Credit
  5. As each order progresses, you will receive the corresponding reward

The system in which you receive rewards for each level of progress is similar to a battle pass in other games.

Some jobs and races can also be obtained through Union Order rewards.

Crafting recipes

You can bring in crafting recipes by selecting a contract at the start of your adventure, but you can also pick up recipes in dungeons.

The recipes you obtain are valid only during that adventure.

You may be able to obtain crafting recipes for high-rarity items that cannot be obtained through regular contracts, expanding the scope of your builds.


Buriedpedia is a so-called dictionary feature in BB2.

The legendary weapons you obtained, the monsters you defeated, etc. are listed, and you can check the information for each.

Buriedpedia is also available for each dungeon, and you can check the discovery rate of elements that can be encountered in that dungeon. (It is very difficult to achieve 100% in this work!)

Savage mode

As you repeatedly make more risky choices (fighting consecutively, defeating elites, avoiding camps, etc.), the risk of the dungeon increases and the flame at the top of the screen lights up to enter Savage Mode.

In this state, the number of monster encounters will increase and the appearance rate of elite monsters will also increase, but equipment/skills/runes/inventory items of rarity 6 or above will also drop.

Aiming for high scores and rare items will require more challenging play.

Periodic update plan

BB1 used to hold limited-time events regularly, but we felt that there were issues such as temporarily restricting access to additional content and losing access to past season dungeons.

For this reason, we are planning an update plan for BB2 that is different from its predecessor.

In regular updates, new dungeons, new unions, new disasters, etc. will be added, and we plan to be able to access them at any time after the update.

GamePlay (Video)

In the previous video, we introduced the walkthrough for the highway dungeon.

This time, we’ll show you a gameplay of how to conquer the medium-difficulty dungeon “Nightmare” with slightly sharper builds of “Dark Elf” and “Ancientmancer.”

This time, we will be using subtitles to explain the key points of the gameplay, so please turn on the subtitles and enjoy. (We prepared the english subtitles as default setting!)

Also, although this video was shot using a development build, please note that there may be differences in UI, balance, etc. from the product version.

We will be announcing the release date for Buriedbornes 2 in next month’s developer letter.

Also, if you have any other questions about Buriedbornes2, such as “What about this point?” and other points of concern, please feel free to ask us. We will do our best to explain in these and other articles whenever possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.