New System Introduction Part 2


Thank you for playing Nussygame games.

I would like to introduce you to some of the new systems of Buriedbornes2, scheduled for release in Autumn 2022.

Part 1


There is a new gimmick in Buriedbornes 2: Braves.

A character has a maximum of 3 points of Brave.

When the maximum value is reached, all skills will enter a “Burst


For example, “Guard” (reduces damage for 1 turn) will have its duration extended, and “Whirlwind” (has a low hit rate) will have a higher damage and hit rate.

Some skills can be changed to completely different effects.

  • Example: “Meteor Swarm”
    • When used normally, you gain the short-lived buff “Blink of the Stars”.
    • When used in “Burst mode”, it becomes a powerful magic attack that increases the number of attacks according to the number of “Blink of a Stars” buffs.
    • The Meteoswarm is extremely powerful and worth the cost of the 2 steps required, recharge the Blink of a Stars and gain 3 Braves.
    • The amount of brave added varies depending on the type of skill, with turn-consuming defensive skills tending to add more brave.

The way you utilize brave will become the new axis of your build construction.

Skill mode

Some rarer skills have more than 1 mode.

Using a skill under certain conditions will change the skill into another skill, and the effect into something else entirely.

By switching back and forth between the 2 modes, you can adjust your consumption and change the effect you get.

  • Example) “Ice Storm”
    • In normal mode, it functions as an offensive magic that deals continuous damage and slows.
    • When used in “Burst mode”, the skill will change to “Storm Eye” after the attack.
  • “Storm Eye”
    • “Storm Eye” is a skill that inflicts slow on enemies and yourself at all times just by holding it in your skill slot. This applies even if not used, and will not be resisted.
    • By using “Storm Eye” directly, the skill reverts back to “Ice Storm”. The attack effect will not be activated at this time.
    • “Ice Storm” will have 2 faces. “Storm Eye” works well with unique abilities such as meriting the slow you are receiving, and until you gain such abilities, “Ice Storm” can also function as a versatile attack magic. When using it as “Storm Eye”, the number of times it can be used becomes almost unnecessary to consider, which changes the capabilities required of the build.

Skills with modes will be for skilled players due to the complexity of managing them, but if you can utilize them well, you will have the versatility to handle a wide variety of situations.

Skill mastery

A new system that corresponds to the skill level of the previous game is Skill Mastery.

Your characters will have “proficiency“ for each skills. (Characters, not skills, have proficiency.)

Each skill gains proficiency as you continue to use it over time. (You do not need to collect same skills now!)

When these skills reach 100% proficiency, the skill will enter the “mastery” state.

Skills in the “Mastered” state will have their effects enhanced in a different way than those in the “Burst mode”.

  • Example: Guard
    • When normal, reduces damage by 50% for one turn.
    • When in “Burst mode”, the effect is extended to 3 turns.
    • When “Mastered”, the effect is increased to 80%.
    • When “Mastered” and “Burst mode”, reduces damage by 80% for 3 turns.
    • In addition, each skill is enhanced in terms of “Burst” and “Mastery”, such as cooldown reduction, increased usage limit, and additional effect activation.

Gaining proficiency requires a certain amount of time, but there are also multiple abilities that can be used to shorten that time.

These abilities are important during the build process, but they are no longer necessary once you have mastered all the skills you need.

New “summon” system

In Buriedbornes1, “Summoning” was a pseudo-concept, represented by “add pursuit damage” and “gain shield”.

In Buriedbornes2, summoned ones will actually appear and fight in your place.

When you summon a minion, you switch to a mode where you control the summoned monster.

The skill field will temporarily display the summoned monster’s one. (And the last skill will often be the “Send home” command, so that you can always return to yourself.)

In addition to the familiar summoning skills from BB1, such as Summon Zombie and Summon Dragon, there are also special summoning skills such as “Temporarily use the enemy you just killed” and “Make your clone fight”.

Summoned beings are called “Minion”s, and several minion-enhancing abilities will also appear.

The ability to strengthen minions instead of making them uncontrollable can be a very useful automatic combat tool, but they may use “Send home” to themselves.

Dungeon and floors

In Buriedbornes 1, all dungeons had a infinite number of floors to traverse.

In Buriedbornes 2, each dungeon is generally limited to a few dozen floors.

The more difficult a dungeon is, the deeper the target floor will be.

Each floor consists of several layers of rooms, and each room contains multiple enemies and events.

On the last layer of the floor, a boss is placed in every selectable room, and the boss is virtually unavoidable as no rooms beyond it appear.

It becomes impossible to play endlessly on the same floor, so if you want to achieve a higher score, you need to choose a room with as much risk as possible to proceed.

“Keystone” the end contents

There will be no more infinite floors, but what will be introduced in their place will be “keystone”, the end content.

Each dungeon will have an end-content mode that uses keystones in addition to the normal mode.

In this mode, players can use up to 5 “keystones” dropped or obtained in high difficulty dungeons to “expand” the dungeon.

In dungeons where keystones are used, the last floor will be deeper depending on the level of the keystone, while maintaining the original characteristics of that dungeon, and various additional characteristics of the keystone will also be applied. (For example, the elite appearance rate is increased, the skill cooldown is always increased, etc.)

With the use of keystones, you will be able to challenge deeper levels that are unreachable in normal mode, and the deeper you go, the higher the level of keystone will drop.

This repetition allows players to push their limits and score ranking, as well as enjoy treasure hunts to collect more powerful lab parts. (The deeper floor you go, the higher level lab parts you will get.)

In order to achieve a higher score, it is important to consider which base dungeon to challenge, which “keystone” to use, and what build to use.

I plan to hold a beta test sometime in the spring of 2022.

By then, I plan to introduce detail of Buriedbornes2 in stages.

There is a lot of information that we can’t reveal, such as details, out game specs, screenshots, etc., but we hope that you will have a lot of guesses on what Buriedbornes2 will be like.

Thank you for your support!