Notice of addition of monthly content (May 2024)

Thank you for always playing Buriedbornes2.

The following content will be added from May!


[JST] 2024/05/01(Wed) 15:00~

New dungeon “Mine”

Versilite, which was discovered before the day of the prophecy, had a faint blue-white glow and was feared as a demonic glow that would take away the lives of those nearby. As the battle against the army of corpses began, attention was quickly paid to the lightness, hardness, and ease of processing of this mineral. Versilite attracted the attention of necromancers, who said, “If it was possessed by a person who was already dead, there would be no problem with it.”

You can take on the challenge by clearing “Ruins” after the release date and time.

In the “Mine”, new items “Versilite shards” and “Versilite chunks” can be obtained.

These Versilite materials can be used to produce various Blue Meteorite equipment from the shop menu.

New disaster “Fenrir”

An ordinary wolf ate the corpse of a god, used its power to slaughter and devour even more powerful gods, and transformed into a god-eating beast that surpassed even countless gods. How great is the power that can be taken by slaughtering the God-Eating Beast?

Fenrir will be added to the list of disasters that will appear.

Like other disaster monsters, you can obtain unique items from it.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame and the Buriedbornes series.