“Buriedbornes2 – Dungeon RPG” will be released in 2021!


World ends, War never ends.

Buriedbornes2, development started!

It will be released in 2021.

What is Buriedbornes2?

3.5 years have passed since the release of Buriedbornes.

There is not so much that one game title continues for 3-4 years while continuing to update.

That’s how I feel that Buriedbornes has been loved by many people.

However, on the other hand, there are also restrictions created by continuing to update one title.

Updates that lose existing user assets or gaming experiences are neither good for players nor desirable for developers.

In order to evolve Buriedbornes gameplay further, Buriedbornes needs to prepare a new stage.

Buriedbornes2 is a new title that has renewed the resources, progression, contents, growing features (Amulets, contracts or lab parts), etc. while keeping the world view and basic gameplay of the previous work Buriedbornes.

I will do my best to realize the loved Buriedbornes for the next 5-10 years.

Will Buriedbornes end?


Buriedbornes will continue to update while Buriedbornes2 is in development.

After the release of Buriedbornes2, the previous Buriedbornes will be updated in parallel until the Buriedbornes2 is stabilized.

In addition, the online function of the previous Buriedborneswill continue to be provided after the update ends.

Please read here to know about plan of Buriedbornes/Buriedbornes2.

Future plan

Currently, Buriedbornes2 is under planning.
I plan to post various information on this site for release.

  • What kind of game will Buriedbornes2 be?
  • Beta test and release announcements

If you have any expectations or opinions about Buriedbornes2, please send it here.