Developer’s Letter July 2023

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#Developer’s Letter

Development status in June 2023

B100X v2.1.0

We had started work on v2.1.0, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2023.

Almost all of the content development has been completed, but the development work has been protracted due to technical issues that have been encountered and that will affect the Buriedbornes2 release.

In v2.1.0, we plan to add new game modes “Promise of a long-ago day” and “Fashion Competition”.

Please stay tuned!

Development scheduled in July 2023

B100X v2.1.0

Approximately 2 weeks of development man-hours will be allocated to B100X to resolve the technical issues mentioned above.

Buriedbornes2 Development

We will return to Buriedbornes2 development as soon as work on B100X settles down.

What’s New in Buriedbornes2

Continuing from the previous article, we would like to introduce some of the new systems in Buriedbornes2 (hereafter BB2).

Alt mode

Some skills can be switched to alt mode to have a completely different effect.

As a practical example, let us introduce the “Heaven’s Spear” skill.

Heaven’s Spear is an attack skill that normally deals magic damage dependent on Strength or Piety parameters.

If you have gained “Resilience” (the ability to increase your own HP recovery), the power can also be enhanced according to the amount of the effect. (For example, if you have Resilience +50%, the power of Heaven’s Spear will increase from 2.0 to 3.0 times.)

When Brave is accumulated to the maximum value and Burst Mode is activated, this skill is transformed into “Heaven’s Might”.

“Heaven’s Might” will have the effect of only switching this skill itself to Alt Mode when used, and will not cause any other effects.

When in alt mode, this skill changes into a passive skill that constantly grants “Heaven’s Punishment” to the holder.

This skill can be used directly again to revert back to the normal Heaven’s Spear.

“Heaven’s Punishment” has the same effect as “Angel army” in the previous Buriedbornes, which “deals the same amount of damage to enemies when HP is recovered”. (+100% will ensure that it is triggered).

Players can choose to use this skill as a “direct means of attack” or “for constant activation of Heaven’s Punishment”, considering its operation.

In BB2, the skill requires more complex usage in alt mode.

Skill Rune

In BB2, skill runes are introduced.

This system is the equivalent of “skill mod” in the previous Buriedbornes, an enhancement element that changes the effect of a skill.

When a rune is found, it can be added to any skill you have.

Some runes are simple runes that increase the power of the skill, while others are special runes that change the use of the skill itself.

(For example, the rune “Confusion” will exchange the effect target of the skill between you and the enemy.)

Up to 5 runes can be granted to a single skill, ultimately allowing for a set of 5 runes for each of the 5 skills.


The effect of the rune allows the skill to be used automatically.

Each time a condition is met, the skill can be used automatically, and this automatic use does not consume a turn.

Skills have 2 inherent limitations:

  • Cooldown
    • Some skills, once used, must wait several turns before they can be used again.
  • Remain
    • Each skill has a number of uses remaining and its number of uses decreases with each use. The number of times can only be recovered at Camps.

When a skill possessed by a rune or various abilities is used automatically, Cooldown and Remain consumption are each set to 1.

In other words, by using auto-use, the skill can be used more often and at a higher frequency.

By making good use of auto-use, it is possible to balance the build’s ability to continue to fight and its ability to be instantaneous.


In BB2, automatic use and automatic activation are provided as separate abilities.

Auto activation is the ability to activate a specific skill under certain conditions.

(ex: “Counter” will allow you to activate “Jab” automatically when you avoided.)

The difference from auto-use is that it can be used even if you do not have the skill in your 5 skill slots.

As long as it refers to a skill that the user does not possess, it can be activated without cooldown or remain cosumption , and depending on the conditions, it may be activated multiple times in one turn.

On the other hand, there is a disadvantage in that the skill being activated does not have a rune effect. (Even if you have the same-name skill, it will not be applied.)

If the character itself retains an ability such as “all skills are given the effect of Rune XX”, it is advisable to use them together, as they will be applied to automatically activated skills as well.

How to use runes

Here is a case study of the skill “Meridian”.

This skill cures your ailments during normal use and turns into an attack skill that inflicts “Explosion” on the enemy during burst mode.

The effect at burst mode is powerful, but for characters who wish to use this skill as a countermeasure against ailments, they will want to avoid losing the ability to use their healing means at burst mode.

At this time, by granting the rune “Stillness,” the skill can always be used for its normal cure effect due to its “no longer in burst” effect.

Furthermore, if the rune “Scorpion” is granted so that the skill is automatically used every time you receive an ailment, a combo that instantly cures the ailment without direct use will be completed. (Moreover, if it is used automatically, it can be activated every turn.)

Furthermore, by attaching a rune that increases maximum remain, or by attaching a rune that avoids stun (an effect that forcibly adds Cooldown to skills), it can be used as an even more stable means of cure ailments.

As you can see, the 5 skills and the 5 runes that are attached to them are the core build elements of battle in BB2.

You will be able to choose which skills and runes to pick, and enjoy different builds and new discoveries in each adventure.

And depending on their combination, they can be game breakers that rival the powerful unique effects of the previous Buriedbornes.

Corporeal modification

When a character levels up during an adventure, 1 modification point is awarded per level.

These modification points can be used for “Corpse modification” in one of the camp rooms.

For each point, you will gain an ability chosen from a random selection of 5 abilities.

Each time you acquire an ability, the candidate abilities you gain are updated, but you can “save your points and acquire them in the next camp” in anticipation of building a medium- to long-term build.

And rare abilities that change your build may be drawn.

In addition, once an ability is acquired, it is more likely to be drawn again.


BB2 offers a new approach to storytelling.

Players will be able to bring “memories” back to your base to view them as they are obtained during their adventures.

A “memory” is a piece of the corpse of someone who lived and died there.

Even a corpse that is not capable of fighting can use the art of Buriedbornes on the corpse to see into the memories of the dead.

Whether it is the consequences of the war between mankind and the ancient High Kings, people struggling to survive amidst the flames of war, those who have thrown themselves into the fray, or the history of an even older time, the past can be seen through “memory” in many different ways.

“Memory” replaces the out-of-game “short story” content of the previous Buriedbornes and is intended to provide users of any language with the opportunity to enjoy the story of the Buriedbornes world.

In next Developer’s Letter, we will introduce Buriedbornes2: Disasters, Quests, Sub-Dungeons, and Gold Shard items.

Also, if you have any other questions about Buriedbornes2, such as “What about this point?” and other points of concern, please feel free to ask us. We will do our best to explain in these and other articles whenever possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Nussygame.